Social Media Management

Social media management is a very general term for a very fluid set of activities. We are engaging – in real time – with as many people as we possibly can to highlight your brand and your products or service. Each account has a different set of requirements and a “way” of operating to achieve its maximum potential – and by analysing the effectiveness of our activities, over time we are able to increase our efficiency and drive traffic. Below is a small selection of what we do on a daily basis for multiple clients across the UK and beyond.



We offer full and partial account management services for all of the major social media platforms including, but not limited to, the following.
(For a far more detailed description – on a real account – please see our case study.)


Strategy & Planning

Each account is different and therefore requires a unique, tailored strategy. We will research your company, industry and competition and design a general plan for the account. As we analyse new data from the analytics this plan will be constantly tweaked for better effectiveness. We remain fluid and always open to “what works”.



Research is key to a successful account. What is it your competition does well? Let’s do it better. What are they weak at? Let’s push it. What is the latest news from your industry? Let’s publish it. By thoroughly researching every aspect of your business and the content we will publish, we can ensure that you remain up-to-date and relevant.



Our in-house design team work hand-in-hand with our content creators to produce branded imagery to compliment and enhance your message and increase engagement. From account banner images through infographics and product highlights to powerful image-specific posts, we can – and do – create it all.


Account Creation & Administration

If you already have your accounts set up, great – the handover is seamless! If not, we’ll happily set them up from scratch and even design you a nice cover image for the background. We will handle the day-to-day running of the account in its entirety, giving you the time to go and do the other 900 things on your list!



Original, varied content – designed to peak the interest of your target audience – thoroughly researched and aligned with current trends. Custom, branded graphics to increase your brand visibility across the board. News articles fed in through our news aggregators with expert commentary. All scheduled for peak activity.


Reporting & Analytics

Every account we manage receives a monthly analytics report and management summary, which contains the latest available data on the account. This shows the effectiveness of the strategy (or tweaks), tracks our progress and presents a number of key metrics in an easy-to-read format to better understand your customer.

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