We have put together this case study to show everyone what goes on behind the scenes on one of our accounts. There is a significant amount of work involved both on the surface (designing and posting) and behind the scenes (account administration, research, etc) and a few hidden tips and tricks – but it should give you a clearer picture on the processes we take and fill in some of the blanks for you all.


AboutEco For Life

Eco For Life produces a 500ml beverage bottle made 100% from plants; it’s environmentally friendly, artificial chemical & toxin-free, biodegradable and compostable.

They approached us in January 2020 for a fully managed social media package – and (bar a few tips and tricks that we keep under wraps) this is what they receive.

As a company that will never artificially boost any social media account, we came up with a multi-prong, cross-platform strategy – which quite simply boiled down to… focus on the plastic manufacturers.

“From the word go, Alex and the team have been hugely pro-active in driving our social media and we have seen real, positive change and an excellent response. We look forward to exciting times ahead!”

Mike Shore, Managing Director –

Eco For Life Case Study


out in the open

Engage with the public

Communication on social media is either private (via message) or public (on your page where everyone can see it).

Public engagement is crucial as it allows others to jump in and out of the conversation and keep it flowing. You might think you are speaking to one person, but you are really speaking to everyone when you comment publicly.

We are very good at keeping the conversation flowing and the engagement levels high, commenting on a huge number of posts on our own feed and those of other users. We actively search out and join relevant conversations about plastics and the environment in general.

Connecting privately

Handle The Messaging Function

We receive hundreds of messages across all of the platforms from a highly diverse group of people. We have had journalists from Forbes Magazine, environmentalists from Kenya, festival organisers and a variety of general enquiries from all over the world.

We sift the spam, block the trolls, respond to all “real” messages as best we can and then forward all relevant communication to the management team for a follow-up.

Each platform is a valuable tool in which to communicate directly with your followers, if used effectively. If neglected, it could be very costly!

We post engaging up to date content

Provide The Latest Industry News

Using the world’s best news aggregators – and constantly refining our search options – means we are able to bring our followers the latest in environmental news, with a specific focus on plastics.

We intersperse lighthearted news stories about turtles – or a new lemur born at Chester Zoo – with some more hard-hitting, statistically-driven reporting on recycling figures, or oil prices – all of which are in some way associated with plastics or the broader environment.

This news is sorted, shortlisted and scheduled alongside our other posts.

Bespoke Design Work

Create Beautiful Posts

We create the majority of our content for Eco For Life’s social media posts using the Adobe Suite and a large number of free and subscription-based image sites.

Each platform has different image requirements, which must be taken into account.

All information (including associated facts and figures) is backed up by client assertions or relevant scientific studies.

We happily create product information, quote frames, infographics and more general marketing information.

Connecting with the bigger players

Engage Key Industry Accounts

We are constantly engaging larger accounts in similar or complementary industries in order to piggy-back on their follower numbers and the “views” they can bring in.

  • Retweeting what they post
  • Adding a commentary
  • Tagging them in relevant news
  • Promoting a hashtag they have adopted

These larger accounts get to know us – and just one or two acknowledgements makes the world of difference to our own figures.

We react to global events in real time

React Instantly to events

Whether its a new environmental petition to number 10 that has a finite newsworthy shelf-life, a reaction to the latest budget from the Chancellor, lawsuits filed in California against Pepsi and Coca-Cola or a full global outbreak of Covid-19, we react FAST.

Information can be relayed to customers within minutes, as we saw with the latest outbreak of Covid-19 and instant communication of the subsequent “20% off” special offer springing up for those stuck inside the house.

Commenting on an event like the budget – with its significant effect on all in society – drives engagement in a variety of ways. Those that agree, those that don’t, those that only care about the price of a TV licence… it’s all activity! And it’s all good!

We respond to events both local and global in real time – something your other marketing activities can’t do!

Dropping some knowledge


Interesting facts, represented graphically, do very well – especially with environmental or political accounts.

Eco For Life focuses primarily on plastic-related facts, such as:

  • Plastic consumption levels
  • Fossil fuel production
  • Recycling rates
  • Waste-to-energy facilities
  • Ocean and other environmental pollution figures

These are researched, checked, designed and published alongside the other mix of posts.

Following, unfollowing and the like


It’s not all glamorous posting and photoshop, a large proportion of our time is spent on the more mundane account administration tasks that you don’t even see.

  • Researching and following industry leaders
  • Following individuals based on preference
  • Un-following accounts that have not followed back within agreed timescales
  • Clearing out spam accounts / handling trolls / reporting images
  • Analysing trends and jumping on them where possible

And at the end of EVERY month

Provide Full Analytics Reporting & A Management Summary

Our analytics reporting is second to none.

At the end of every month we provide a bespoke analytics report which includes a large amount of valuable data that Eco For Life uses for, amongst other things, driving it’s advertising decisions.

The more you know about your customer, the better you can target them!

We also provide a full management summary, so that the client knows where we stand at all times – assessing the current strategy and making recommendations on future activities.


Any Questions?

How much does all of this cost?

This question, unfortunately, is very difficult to answer – there’s an element of “how long is a piece of string” about it.

Every account is different. Every account requires varying elements of research, design, copy creation, message handling, etc and it’s impossible to quote on unless we have a quick chat.

We created this case study as we were being asked by potential clients to “give them a ballpark figure” on accounts we’d never seen or discussed. We do not (and cannot) have a set price list, so we’ve shown you what we do for Eco For Life above. This service – across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – would cost a new client around £600 per month, fixed for 12 months.

We have multiple clients on various plans, which start from just £100 per month. All plans include full monthly analytics reporting and a management summary as standard – and all receive the same level of care from our team.

What do you need from me?

The first one is pretty straightforward. We need content, content and more content!

Our most successful accounts are those that involve a close relationship with the management or marketing team and have a steady stream of content.

We will create a number of alerts to highlight any “latest news” pertaining to your industry – but if your website is sparse, your blog empty and you aren’t taking any photos, we will eventually run out of things to post or have to return to rehashing old posts.

News stories, your blog page, any product listings you might have – alongside access to your marketing materials, any layered files, high res logo files (or the .ai preferably), images, etc – are all very important in keeping the accounts moving!

We also require time.

We NEVER artificially boost accounts and much prefer to work with our clients over a longer period of time (usually 12 months) to build the foundations of a successful social media marketing strategy. (See “Should I Buy Followers?“).

If you are looking for instant success, you are looking at the wrong type of marketing with social media.

Yes, we can make changes that can bring you far more followers and far more impressions pretty much instantly but for this to translate into a tangible and sustained change in leads and sales, time is required.

Engagement and trust are never instant!

How quickly can you get moving?

We can book you in for a quick telephone or video consultation within 24 hours. We’ll explain a little bit about ourselves and to listen to your specific requirements. Once we know what you hope to achieve in the coming weeks and months we can formulate a suitable strategy – and at that point we’ll know what the price will be. We can have a contract out to you digitally within a couple of hours.

We’ve had telephone consultations in the morning and been posting on Instagram before close of play the same day. We like to move fast – after all, that’s what we’re all about!

Along the way, we’ll get you to fill out a new customer form and we’ll have all the information we need to get moving. We’ll email you quite a bit at the start for images, marketing information, layered files, logos and the like – but it’ll calm down pretty quickly as we get into the swing of things, with the bulk of messages being either customer enquiries or new ideas for your account.

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